Our children can create a sustainable future



A lot of people are becoming more conscious about the problems the earth is now facing and the part we humans play in solving these problems. We are talking about the increase of people eating less meat, buying less stuff we don't need after tidying up our house with Marie Kondo, taking the train instead of the airplane, bringing our own bag to the supermarket and try to avoid buying products with plastic packages, taking quick not so hot showers and buying more second hand clothing instead of more fast fashion..so it sounds like there are many problems to solve nowadays, but I like to see them as opportunities. Chances to contribute to a better world. As a consumer you can have an impact now, but as a parent you can have a positive impact on our future as well. It is our responsibility to make the next generation aware of the positive influence they can have and stimulate them to use their skills to create a sustainable future for all humans. 


The honest kids label Be Kind inspires parents to take their children on this conscious journey. They are teaching the children where clothes come from, where they are made of and how to take care of their clothing. In this way the children become aware of what they wear and how they can wear them as long as possible. We recently published the first part of the four-part documentary of Be Kind. Curious about this documentary? Watch the first part of the documentary series here


Being a positive inspiration for Mick was my motivation to change the fashion industry and start the MUMSTER MOVEMENT. So taking Mick with me on this journey is very important to me, but I don't get a change to inspire my kid in a fun way every day. So I was happy when the Fair Fashion Festival 2019 took place on a day he was free from school. So I could bring Mick to the festival and we could experience fair fashion in a fun and effortless way. 


The Fair Fashion Festival had a nice program full with lectures, workshops, a fair fashion market and a fashion show. It all really came together when they started the fashion show with the question: 'Where was the top made you are now wearing?'  A perfect opportunity for us, to start our conscious journey. 


I helped Mick to find out his Be Kind shirt was made in Portugal. In the first part of the documentary series you can see where and how his shirt was made. Watch the first part of the documentary here


MUMSTER was also invited to give a lecture about sustainable fashion and the impact you can have as a consumer. I gave a quick course on sustainable fashion, gave a sneak peak of the documentary 'The Positive Chain of Change' and some tips and tricks to make a positive change today. The interesting thing is, as a consumer you can have a huge impact now, but as a parent you have the opportunity to make a positive impact in the present and the future. When you raise your child with the idea he can contribute to a better world as well.  


Of course Mick was their to support me and was listening to the talk I gave (while playing games on his tablet of course.. let me be honest), but we all need to take action if we really want to make a positive impact. So Mick made a fathers day gift from textile waste with all his love and creativity, instead of buying new stuff.


'We need more love and creativity, less materialism.'  



After the lecture we bumped into Marina from Carpet Of Life. I explained Mick that those carpets on the floor were actually made from old clothes, from textile waste. He gave me the look of pure child's wonder. The way we all should look at it. All sustainable (fashion) initiatives are extremely innovative and creative and will amaze you if you give it your time and honest attention. Our kids can learn from us, but we need to learn from our children as well. We are in this together. 



This conscious fashion journey can be the starting point of a whole conscious mindset. Looking to the world in a more creative, loving and innovative way. You and your kid will eventually be able to take more and more steps to live a completely sustainable life with effortless ease.  


Because now it is extremely challenging to live a completely sustainable lifestyle. Our society isn't build on this sustainable norm yet. Me and Mick struggle with it every day and make a lot of 'bad decisions' as well. We are only human. But you can also put all this in a more positive perspective. The opportunities to work on environmental or social problems are everywhere. Your kid has the chance to do work he loves, using his own skills, while contributing to a better world. So he will live a life full of fulfillment. Isn't that a great future perspective for everyone?


 Want to start your journey with your kid today? Take the Be Kind Challenge and win a Be Kind item!




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