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Sustainability, what does that mean to you? A question which I asked you a little while ago, which resulted in really interesting and different answers. I find it really fascinating how sustainability becomes a more and more important subject while everyone gives it a different and personal meaning. That is because living a sustainable and conscious life is a very personal journey, where everyone chooses their own starting point. For me sustainable fashion has everything to do with love. It was my starting point to live a more sustainable life. A starting point to become more compassionate and loving to yourself, to the people around you and to your belongings. Investing time, attention, honesty and love. Investing time to search the right fit for your personality. Paying attention to the quality and process of your fashion items. Investing love in taking care of your clothing so you can wear it for a long time. So yeah, basically we are talking about working on a relationship! I am in a relationship with my boyfriend Robert for 8 years now. We are investing time, attention and love in eachother, but it is a real challenge to keep this attitude for years. That is why our matiching TEYM sweatsuits remind us to hold on and invest, so our relationship can endure time. Just like our sweatsuits. This is our tribute to sustainable love. 


Ofcourse this is all easier said then done. I find it most difficult to invest the right amount of time, attention and love in living a sustainable life, distracted by life itself. Yeah, it is a paradox! The only thing I never find difficult, is being honest about it. That is why I am really happy with initiatives like TEYM. TEYM designs fashion items of high quality with a timeless design, so you can wear them for a long time and they are 'Forever Yours'. In this way you are ensured of items that contribute to your sustainable life. All you have to do is love them and take good care of them. And to top it off, TEYM is very honest and open about their production process. You can find everything about their production location and use of materials on their website. So important when you want to know who made your clothes in what circumstances. I believe that being transparant is most important these days. 




TEYM campaign: 'Forever Yours' 


TEYM: 'Over the years, fashion has evolved into a mega-industry. Spawning unfair and unsustainable systems of production, it has now reached a breaking point where many consumers refuse to look away. We asked ourselves how we could be part of the industry without taking part in destructive practices?'


They decided to follow these 4 golden rules:

•  Putting quality and design first is the core of sustainability. Make a product last.

•  Slow and steady wins the race. One impeccable wardrobe, no overhyped collections.

•  A healthy work environment and fair wage for the people we work with are a must, not a plus. Made in            Europe only.

•  Buying conscious doesn’t have to be expensive. No retail mark-ups, always a fair price.


To spread the conscious word in collaboration with other sustainable initiatives, I have the honour to give talks and take part in panel discussions on all different kind of events. One of the most discussed subject is the higher price of sustainable fashion items. During Fashion Revolution Week I was invited to talk with 180 students about sustainable fashion. I asked them the question: 'Who thinks sustainable fashion is expensive?' Well, almost all students raised their hand. This is because most people are used to the prices of fast fashion items which are often around 15 euro's. The same items you throw away fast and don't like anymore after wearing them maybe 3 times. So I am happy to say that the items of TEYM are not expensive at all, yet made of high quality and timeless design. In this way we can say: Finally! Affordable sustainable fashion has arrived! 


Check out the sweatsuits in different colors and styles here. Subscribe to their newsletter if you want a €10 discount on your own purchase and start investing in your own sustainable wardrobe! 


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TEYM campaign: 'Forever Yours'




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