How to become a hero?


Advertorial - We people, we connect through stories. Think back how you met your best friends. You got into a conversation and you shared your background and life's stories, that's how you connected on a deeper level. So why is it that we forget to think about these stories when we buy products? How can we expect to really value our possessions when we don't think about the story behind the things we buy? 


Mélanie Pigeaud noticed a lack of knowledge about the background of jewelry while jewelry have such a rich history. Their mission is to create awareness with the consumer, so the consumer will consider the story behind a design before buying it. Almost every piece of Mélanie Pigeaud is made out of recycled gold and/or silver. In this way they try to minimize their footprint on the industry.


They call their jewelry pieces ‘heroes’: The word ‘heroes’ refers to the mine workers in the gold and silver mines across the world. Their designs tell the story that the mine workers can not tell the world. They invite you to follow them on their journey and become aware of the importance of wearing sustainable jewelry.


Do not shut your eyes for the story behind a long-lasting and meaningful piece of jewelry.


Mélanie Pigeaud really made me think more about the history of the ring I am wearing and now I cherise it even more. It is so important we all really start to appreciate our belongings, so we can become heroes ourselves as well. 


Find all their designs here. 

Or follow them on Instagram here.








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