Black friday? Save 100% with buying nothing!


Black Friday is one day in a year where a lot of people in the USA are free of work and appearently, all these people are in the mood for their holidays shoppings. So every year on this day (this year 23 November) a huge amount of stores offer major discounts to stimulate this crazy consumerism madness even more. We are already used to the image of people breaking into stores when they open doors, while they run each other over and even get into fights to get that tv with 50% discount. Well, what if I would tell you their is another way? You can save up to 100% with buying nothing!  But if you really need something, there is actually a brand who is doing it differently! What? How?


The vegan bag label Osier based in Amsterdam recently launched in The Impact Shop in Amsterdam. They decided to turn Black Friday green. Instead of giving a shopping discount of 15% they will donate 15% of every purchase to the The Ocean Clean up which cleans up our oceans! Their luxury products are made by hand under ethical working conditions. All materials are sourced and manufactured in Europe. They are Peta certified vegan and they support NGOs such as The Ocean Clean up and compensate the CO2 that’s generated through the production of their handbags with green energy from windmills. When choosing to buy one of their bags you support their vision towards a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry. Events like Black Friday support mindless consumption and they don't want to support that.


Photo by Landa Penders
Styling by Rhumaa x Osier


MUMSTER couldn't agree more! That is why we are supporting their mission and message. On 23 November Black Friday MUMSTER will be demonstrating against the mass overconsumption together with the international organisation World Saving Hustle! Will you join us?

Check the event and hope to see you tomorrow!

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