The wake-up call


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Nowadays we can feel the pressure to live the perfect life. We want to have the perfect career, the perfect partner, a perfect Pinterest house and a perfect social media feed of a perfect life. I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing, I do think it is humanly impossible. The striving for a perfect life is distracting us from the real purpose of life, finding peace within to love yourself and everything around you, no matter what. I have been going through a real discovery lately and found the cleansing truth. 


As you might know, I have been working on the documentary ‘The Positive Chain of Change’ (which is coming out really soon, subscribe to stay updated) for over nine months and it has been a really challenging project on so many different levels. I am so proud of the end result, but I am more proud of the lessons I have learned during the process. Which are so much more important than the result itself.  


When I look back to the whole process I do think I would do a lot of things the same, but there is one thing I am working on to change. I really want to take better care of myself both physically and mentally. For the last couple of years I have been working extremely long hours, sitting on a chair, running from place to place, drinking too much coffee, too little water, didn’t exercise and I didn’t even think about relaxing and totally forgot to breathe. I was producing a documentary, graduating, launching The Impact Shop together with Lisa Elsenburg, starting a crowdfunding campaign, starting a petition, organising a premiere and tried to be a girlfriend and mother, all at the same time. What was I thinking? Well, I wasn't!  


The moment I was finished with the documentary, the premiere, the crowdfunding project and my graduation, the stress release came to me like I have never experienced before. All the doubts and other feelings I had been ignoring for a long time came to me at once. I started doubting everything I did and I just couldn't control my mind. I was sick for two days and it took me two weeks to come to the state of mind I am in right now. This may sound like a unpleasant experience, but actually it has been a really awakening and very needed experience, which made me want to reflect in a way I never did before. Of course I can do all these things because I really love what I do and they give me the most energy in the world, but it is not okay to live on adrenaline all the time and never take a break to reflect and most important, never take a break to really FEEL. 


After this wake-up call I am learning every day. I am learning how to take good care of myself, taking time to reflect and use all my senses to live in the now and open up to everyone and everything around me. I am putting my both feet on the ground. Funny how I discovered I am the element 'Earth' acting like element 'Fire' all the time! 


When the founder of Thalia Skincare asked me to collaborate, I felt the universe was trying to tell me something. Thalia skincare is all about self-love. And now I understand what it means. Giving yourself time to think about how you feel and get in touch with your body and mind and let it be. So I think it was truly meant to be, that I got in touch with the products of Thalia Skin 'The Awakening Serum and 'The Cleansing Truth' to anoint, repair and renew. I am now starting every morning with a ritual to start the day in peace. I am first inhaling the intense senses and start to massage my face gently. The serums smell so good and they really make me feel like I am in a Spa for a moment. I am cleaning my face afterwards and feel so energised. I feel like I am finally taking my time to breath and enjoy the now without thinking of anything else or judge my thoughts.


Thalia Skin believes true beauty can only be achieved through the process of blossoming from the inside out, exactly the process I am in right now.


Their products help you to create your own ritual and take care of yourself by triggering all your senses and feel your body and mind again. Because I am now letting myself feel again I am also discovering my way to find 'The Cleansing thruth'. We cleanse to purify our body, mind and soul, bringing us back once again to the centre of our truth. Because I am creating this every day rituals by smelling these senses, massage my skin and take a moment to feel, I am really experiencing so much more in my life. These rituals really help me to think about what is really going and just look at these feelings without judging. I just let them be and feel what I feel without wanting to think of a solution. 


Thalia Skin really understands what self-love means and doesn't provide you a product, they give you an experience which helps you to blossom. 


I couldn't be more grateful for my journey with my challenges and lessons to learn. That's what's life about, discovering your own lessons, learn and grow. Thalia Skincare really came at the right moment at the right time and helped me to understand how important it is to love yourself so you can blossom and give love to everything and everyone around you and most important to yourself. I always put so much pressure on myself to do everything perfect, which is impossible! Now I am fully aware of this and try to smile about this as well. It's all good, even when it's not! I fully trust the universe and its ways, so it can give me the trust back.  


I really recommend to read more about the inspiring philosophy of Thalia Skin and their products. You can find everything about the lovely and carefully selected ingredients which will take you on a personal discovery. You can also find the description how to use their products in the best way to really get the amazing experience to reunite with your body and mind, just the way I experienced it. 


It's time we all find peace within.


Go to Thalia Skincare to find your peace within. 



 Photography Florine Nijntjes







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