The Law of Attraction



Some call it destiny. Some call it coincidence. Some call it flow. I call it focus. When you want something out of life, it is important to visualize this target in your mind and put all of your enery and focus on reaching this target. But, there are more important rules to follow, in order to feel the power of the Law of Attraction. You really have to believe it with your mind and feel it with your heart. It only works when your mind is in lign with your heart and you really set your goals with the right meanings, feelings and most important, with the right intentions. 


The positive thinking guru Tony Robbins,  already showed the power of focus with the most simple example. He did a little experiment with his audience. Do try this at home:  


'Now everyone, look around. Try to find every single red object you can possibly find in the space you are right now (look around). He waited a couple of seconds and then he asked: 'How many green objects did you find?'. The people in the audience already laughed and they immediately understood what he was trying to say. I assume you do too. 


Setting goals

When you focus on positivity it will lead you to positivity. Unfortunately it isn't so easy as it is with the color experiment, but it works with the same principle. The big difference with the experiment and real life, is that positive and negative thinking are influenced by your emotions. To control these emotions it is very important that you know the reason 'why' you set your goals. You have to remember: don't let your ego set your goals, because your ego is programmed to respond to your fears.


When you set the goal to become rich, because you see everyone around you being succesful and you feel like you also have to be succesful for that reason, you have set your goals based on a negative emotion. In this case you will attract negative energy in different ways (jealousy). When you want to become rich because you want to use the money to help others, you set a goal based on a positive emotion and you will attract positive energy in different ways (fulfilment).  When you set your goals with the right intentions, only then you will attract positive energy. You have to stay true to yourself. Stay true to your soul, not to your ego. 


The history of the Law of Attraction goes back to the year 1900 when William Walkter Atkinson published is book: New Thought Movement. The principle was summarized as:


'You are what you think, not what you think you are.


 Photos - Florine Nijntjes


Attraction and fashion

Lotte Oudshoorn is a fashion designer who believes in this same power. She believes that if you wear clothes that makes you look good and feel good at the same time, you are able to express and attract this confidence. That's why she designs clothing that are comfortable and timeless. She produces locally and keeps low stock to prevent waste. So it is possible you have to wait a little longer for some designs, but hey, great things take great time! She also creates the coolest accessoires from her textile waste, like the different kinds of scrunchies and bandeaus. She thinks that it is most important to have some basic and minimalistic items in your wardrobe you can wear all the time. In this way these items are very suitable for your capsule wadrobe since you can combine her designs with everything else in your wardrobe. I must say I am the proof of her values since the denim Kimono is already my favourite item and I am wearing it almost every day! The same goes for my black dress and leopard scruncie you will see on my Instagram soon! All of her designs are oversized, but feminine and suitable for every occasion. A golden combination if you ask me! 


Follow me on Instagram to stay tuned for another look and take a look at Lotte Oudshoorn her webshop to see what you can add to your own capsule wardobe! 


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