Break the rules


We all desire absolute freedom. We want to have that freedom to do whatever we like and we want to achieve everything we have set our minds to. We can accomplish all that if we are not afraid to break the rules sometimes. The moment you set yourself free from all the given standards you will be able to elevate yourself. You are your thoughts. So if you can imagine you can have the world, you can. 


“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” - Napoleon Hill.


Patience, consistency and trust. If you can have the patience to be consistent in what you do and trust yourself while doing it, you'll get the greatest positive mindset and an endless stream of positive energy. There are no limits, you are your limit. Ofcourse you can doubt yourself sometimes, it keeps you sharp, but it is nothing more than a feeling of fear. Just laugh about your doubts and fears, because they will come naturally. You have the power to turn every single doubt or fear into a smile, because you know that it always turns out just fine. One way or another. 


In the last three years the MUMSTER community has grown in people and projects, but especially in trust. MUMSTER and everyone we work together with, we have the feeling that making a positive change is possible, no matter what other people say or do. If I look at the things we have accomplished together with all these gamechangers, I have faith. We are the next generation and we can achieve everything our minds conceive, because we believe. We believe in change.


Just like Marlieke Broekmeulen, the founder of the vegan webshop Wolf &Storm. She was one of the first ones to break with the given standards and was a real trailblazer. She created a place where you can find cruelty free, sustainable and ethical fashion. 


MUMSTER and Wolf & Storm decided to join forces and this is how it looks like, when you break the rules, believe in change and accomplish whatever your mind can conceive, wearing confidence. 


 Photo - Florine Nijntjes


This Velvet dress from Friday's Project feels like heaven on your skin. It is made from 95% recycled polyester and 5% elestane and has been made without the abuse of workers! You can wear this dress to every occasion in winter or summer, so this could definately be everyone's new favourite!


Check out more conscious fashion at Wolf & Storm. 






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