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Amsterdam - On thursday the third of may the conscious label Guave launched their new collection SS'18 'Identities' in Amsterdam. MUMSTER and Guave joined forces and came up with a real campaign sharing the stories of real women in search for their identities. During this night, Guave did not only launch their collection, they invited their family, friends, bloggers and everyone who loves sustainable fashion on their personal journey. They told about their fair co-creative process and future vision about collaboration, sustainability and social empowerment. Romee and Myrthe, the founders of Guave, give a voice to everyone who is involved in the production process of their designs. No matter if you are the photographer for the campaign or a tailer in Indonesia, you are just as part of the process like everyone else. This is the unique power of Guave, it all flows naturally and they give everyone a chance to work towards personal growth.



The evening began with lovely drinks and foods in the garden filled with sunlight. Everyone excited and curious for what to come. Then, Romee and Myrthe invited everyone into the big space and we got a very warm welcome for joining them on this special night. It got even better when they asked us to take a walk into another dark room, to watch their short movies produced by MUMSTER. Everyone was touched by their story, because it's real. These girls are dedicating their passion and skills, to create a label of which everyone can be part of and make a real difference in the fashion industry.


For this collection they also collaborated with Annemieke Koster the founder of Enschede Textielstad. Together they were able to mix different cultures designed with craftmanship and translated these into modern designs with ethical values. They combined the traditional Indonesian fabric Batik with fabric produced of recycled plastic! It is amazing how Guave found a way to combine different cultures and techniques and translate these into contemporary designs worn by the next generation changemakers.


During the evening you could also discover the stories of the models of the campaign 'Identities'. These are not your average models, no these are real women. The models for this campaign were brave enough to share their true personal stories. They told about their search for their identity and what they learned about this search. They learned that it is very hard to be a complete person if you are not aware of your whole history and know where you are rooted. When you have a different background it is necessary to find out where your personal story has been rooted and embrace the fact that several identities can exist within yourself. They believe that if you find out more about your roots, your background and your personal history, whether you are born in another country or not, you will be able to become the person you are meant to be.


Nowadays we live in a very diverse society were everyone is in search of is own identity. It doesn’t matter where you come from or where you live, everyone needs to go back to it’s roots to discover who you really are. Wearing Guave reminds you of this necessary journey to your roots in order to discover your own identity. The whole collection will represent a piece of this universal journey we will all have to make. Guave has set the example. Just like the Guave has fully grown from it’s roots, you will from yours.


Follow them on Instagram and Facebook so you can stay tuned for them to launch their collection in their webshop so you might get a chance to find your one of a kind garment, which will be part of your personal story as well!





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