Who made your clothes?



During Fashion Revolution Week there a lot of events organised by Fashion Revolution to raise more awareness and transparancy in the fashion industry. They want you to ask yourself #whomademyclothes? When you see the person behind your clothes and the huge efforts they put in to your clothing, you will definately care a lot more about your garments. This is exactly what Elsa Cornet also realised when she saw the docmentary 'The True Cost'. She suddenly became aware of the fact she didn't think about how her garments were made and who was responsible for her favourite items.


She decided to start her own webshop with sustainable fashion where you can learn everything about the process. Ofcourse the powerwoman that she is, she wanted more. Elsa Cornet founder of Papita.nl wanted to give young conscious designers an opportunity they wouldn't get, if they went to other stores to sell their designs. Helping consumers, the environment and young creators! A real gamechanger if you ask me.


These young designers produce in local studio's and small quantities, the most sustainable way. 

Papita.nl is a great place for real classy ladies. Especially for this summer they have some great colorful new items, matching this summer's trends. 


Elsa understands you get inspired by the new fashion trends, but it doesn't mean you have to buy everything. Try to focus more on developing your own style.The trends go faster than you can buy, so if you start buying conscious, you will  always be one step ahead. We all know that a huge amount of clothing will only drive you crazy with too many options and never knowing what to wear, so make yourself happy with buying higher quality and fair items with Papita.nl here.


Jumpsuit - RHUMAA

Photos - Florine Nijntjes 


I am wearing a beautiful jumpsuit from RHUMAA. Their dream is to bring art, stories and culture closer together through fashion and to give young artists a platform to showcase their talent. They aim to do this while they work towards building a more conscious future together in the fashion industry. They collaborate with talented artists from Africa and provide them with a platform to share their art through every new collection. Every single purchase made helps development artistic talent and job creation in South Africa.


Visit  papita.nl  to shop the jumpsuit or find your own favorite!






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