We make more than 30.000 choices every day




When you walk into a book store today, you might notice that most subjects of the best sellers laying on top, are very similar to eachother. These popular books give you all ins and outs about finding your inner peace in time of chaos and make you discover the things you only notice if you take the time for it. We can take the now getting more popular title 'Never too busy again' (translated from Dutch to English) for example. I read this title a long time ago, but it seems like a lot more other people can use some help with making the right choices and setting priorities these days. 


This increasing number of people with this so called priority stress, is not a total shocker, when you know that we all have to make more than 30,000 choices every single day. Which is a shocker. Every three seconds there comes a thought up in your mind. With most choices you can easily make up your mind and will make you feel better or releaved. Some choices, the harder ones of which you can't predict the outcome, give you stress. They give you stress, because you just can't make up your mind and keep pushing it forward in time.


Choosing what to wear is one of those descisions which comes back to you every day. That's why I am so happy that at least one brand has come up with a brilliant solution, to make it a little bit more easy for you. 


Karigar Textiles has brought us a solution  with a cape that you can wear in multiple ways for every occasion, which you can admire yourself here. But it's not only their product what make this brand different.


They co-create textile products that make both its makers and owners happy. By emerging ancient crafting techniques with modern, innovative design and shape-shifting heritage, they create high quality textiles.


The people of Karigar try to create a healthy community that consists of strong, inspiring individuals empowered to serve the eco-system with their skills. By creating sustainable products that positively impact lives and look beautiful, they give consumers an alternative to fast fashion.



Karigar shows that talent is everywhere, across gender, race and continents.



Karigar: 'We believe that high quality must extend across all the aspects of our business – from us to you. To us, quality is essential in life. We desire growth, keeping everyone's benefit in mind. We make conscious choices, be it in our design, material or methods, aware of their impact on people and the planet. In everything we do or create and in the future of our business, we wish prosperity for all.'


If you want to be at the exclusive launchparty at the 14th of april in the Hoxton Amsterdam, I would subscribe to the newletter below and maybe we will go together and meet the people behind this remarkable brand.







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