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Choosing for fair fashion can feel like a challenge, but what if I would tell you that the best things are a result of taking challenges? People who dare to look further than their comfort zone will come further than where they are now. People who think a couple of steps ahead will always be far ahead of the game. Just like Marja Baas, the founder of the conscious brand MYOMY Do Goods. Marja took a risk with the MYOMY Paperbag in 2007 and ended in the national newspaper with this initiative. She planned to start nice and easy with 75 Paperbags, but instantly got 900 orders. She was overwhelmed with this success and questioned herself:


Now what?!


I met Marja at the Soul Salon Fashion Trade show in Amsterdam. We instantly connected. Check out the video and listen to this inspiring woman (skip towards 2.45 m.). 


Building a community

I was surprised by their storytelling of MYOMY. They are one of the reasons I am so passionate about making a positive change. They are on a mission to help others, by collaboration with artisans based in India, in making beautiful and high quality products. They are helping people on the other side of the world to build a future for themselves, probably the most valuable gesture there is. But that wasn't enough for MYOMY. They are doing everything, to inspire everyone who wants to be inspired, to make a change in their lifestyle. They are building the MYOMY community with their customers, who wear their bags with pride. With the artisans, who make the bags with love. With their team, who work hard for a better world. With their  partners, who work with them to create beautiful moments. They call every member of their community a Positive Icon, just like me. 



'We are the MYOMY Community. Together, we are able to really make a change. With our powers combined, we can make it happen. Creating impact with doing good. That is what we stand for. The MYOMY Community consists of all different people around the world.'



I feel lucky to be part of this community. The only thing I have to do is wearing the MY PAPER BAG Mini handbag with pride. As you can see, that is not really a problem with such a sophisticated and high quality handbag. The best part is, that this bag is one of a kind. Every bag is fairtrade and handmade of tanned leather without using so many harmful substances, everything to protect the environment and the people. This means, with buying a MYOMY bag, you contribute to the healthcare, job and education of the artisans who make these unique high-end fashion bags and you make sure the environment doesn't get more polluted. Well it almost sounds too good to be true, well it gets even better! (discount alert!)


Photo Willie Janmaat


Where does the name MY PAPER BAG even comes from? Designer Ramón Middelkoop was inspired by the ‘original’ MY PAPER BAG after seeing a worn out paperbag of a wanderer in the tram. 



I am happy to be part of the MYOMY community and proud to be a positive icon. If I can contribute by just buying and wearing a beautiful bag, I would be crazy if I didn't. If you want to contribute and become a positive icon yourself, take a look at www.myomydogoods.com/products and use the 20% discount code MYOMYxMUMSTER. Don't think about it too long, you can use this code till the 19th of March! 


 Photo Willie Janmaat



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