Did you also notice more women in suit?



AMSTERDAM - We all live in a time where we all ought to improve ourselves. Therefore we tend to go faster and faster and it seems like we are chasing something we can't find. The same goes with fashion. We are chasing trends in order to feel better about ourselves so we can have the feeling we fit in. Even when we all know this feeling won't last forever. 


People need to feel confident in their own skin and ofcourse we all know, way deep down, this needs to come from the inside, but often we get distracted by other opinions, trends, the personal strategies of the social media marketing and ofcourse our own insecurities.


What if we would invest more time in our personal growth, getting knowledge and experiences with other people, instead of just focussing on the outside? 


I will tell you, we would dress to express instead of impress. Expressing yourself is all about staying true to yourself and show who you really are with your own style. Impressing is all about focussing on others and their opninions. With impressing you seem to care more about others than yourself. The moment you express your true self, you will impress everyone, while you not even care. It is not about wearing crazy outstanding outfits, except if this is the real extravagant you, it's about choosing casual when you feel casual. Choosing sexy when you feel sexy and choosing fierce when you feel fierce.



Photo - Florine Nijntjes
Suit - United Wardrobe

Jewellery - Taj Amsterdam
Top - 2nd handed



If you are a little bit in to fashion, you may noticed the increasing popularity of the women in suit. So I wondered why is the suit for women getting so popular? There must be a deeper thought behind this trend, like there always is. Women in suits are more popular than ever on the catwalks and in the streets. They were spotted  with big brands like Céline, Max Mara, Acne Studios, Lemaire, Gucci, Tom Ford, Stella McCartney en Dries Van Noten. Even more remarkable is the popularity of the suits with young female designers. It has to be a shift in the state of mind of women and the increasing feminism. 



'Women are becoming more confident and feel they can express this.'



People used to think you were arrogant or a bitch when you were acting confident, but things are turning around slowly. Nowadays, acting confident means you are finally accepting the way you are and are not afraid to show it.  I think the most positive effect of showing this confidence, is that you can be a big inspiration to other young women. If you show your confidence, you make it seem like it is a possible feeling for everyone. So wear that suit and share your confidence! 

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