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Photo - J. Maakor


Amsterdam - A day filled with inspiration and motivation to keep on pushing forward to change. The second edition of Soul Salon 2018, proved once again, there are a lot of hard working and kind people that are willing to take a challenge. They believe in a win-win situation and think it is not even an option to grow a non-sustainable business. Imagine a place where everyone listens, where you immediately talk about the greater things in life and how we can achieve those shared goals if we work together. The moment you enter this event you will understand. Soul Salon is about sharing conscious ideas and inspire eachother to grow and unite and make a difference. 


MUMSTER had the honour to open the Soul Salon. Ofcourse everyone was really busy with their last-minute preparations. Some of the brands just got back from a tradeshow in Berlin and now they were here to spread their message even more, with the same energy. MUMSTER asked everyone to come to the center of the beautiful location, de Gashouder in Amsterdam.


Ladies and gentlemen, who is ready for starting the day together? We are here together with the same goals, so let's unite and share this moment to start this beautiful event.


MUMSTER was happy to see, a lot of people enter the inner circle. Everyone at the Soul Salon has being triggered in some way to work in the sustainable fashion industry. We got touched in our souls and wouldn't stop searching and working untill we found a way to contribute to society. Now we are looking for ways to spark everyone who hasn't woke up yet. 


Photo - J. Maakor


After the opening, MUMSTER went for a search. First stop? Adam Underwear. A mens boxers brand from Amsterdam. They really got my attention because of their unique branding. Their whole concept is just right in every way. They thought about every detail and giving a lot more than just some boxers. They are telling a story and aim for world domination. With their 160 selling points expanding over 12 countries they are well on their way. They understand you have to blow the consumer away if you want them to change their consuming behaviour. They were driving people around in their unique bumper car and you could win your own Adam Underwear by punching the boxing ball! Steven, one of the founders, told me their story and how they want to make this world more beautiful and better!


Photo - J. Maakor


Wooden Amsterdam got me suprised again. There were a lot of people watching and taking pictures of their floating products. These floating products with magnetic fields are not the only succcessful story. Wooden Amsterdam is not only a brand, but also a platform to share other successful stories of brands working with wood. The beautiful thing is that they give the wood back by planting new trees. A really beautiful circular system which every company should think about in the near future. 


The beautiful women of TAJ Amsterdam are a really big inspiration for MUMSTER. They took a beautiful thought and translated it into a product, without losing their identity. They wanted people in the development countries to promise to love themselves in good and bad times. So they came up with the idea of making rings. With wearing a TAJ ring you promise to stay true to yourself, a very strong and important message. They have a beautiful story and a really stunning jewelry collection. Their whole collection is made out of recycled silver according to traditional craft. With their idea, they have already helped more than 30 single fathers and mothers!


'We are very happy. We can share what we stand for, that was our highest goal and that has worked out'.


By Biek is a brand which has really embraced sustainable and ethical business. They believe sustainability is the only way and giving people a chance on a future at the same time. They live by creating a win-win situation for everyone.


Last but not least, MYOMY do goods.  As soon as I walked to this brand, I immediately could see their storytelling. They are collecting stories of positive icons, a very beautiful and powerful way to inspire the consumers. Marja Baas told about the journey of the 'Paperbag'. A result of changing her own lifestyle and find something to contribute to a better world. 


Ofcourse the Inretail storytelling awards were the highlight of the day. The main goal? Motivate and inspire stores to keep distinguish themselves with their buyings and giving information in store to make it more sustainable in every possible way. 


After Soul Salon, everybody goes home with a very good feeling, of change being possible. If we can all grow our sunstainable business together. 


Watch the full  video Soul Salon here




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