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AMSTERDAM - On the 14th of January a group of creative women came together to share knowledge and life experiences to become more conscious. The creative women collective is an initiave founded by Awura Abena in 2016. Awura found a way to bring all different kinds of creative women together who want to connect, learn and grow. The CWC organises events with important subjects you need to know about if you want to become an independent creative. This time, it was MUMSTER's favourite subject: CONSCIOUSNESS. 


The room was really clean and green, the signature look of the CWC. It gives you energy and makes you calm at the same time. You could get a juice or a coffee and had enough time to already meet some likeminded people. Always a good idea if you ask me. 


We were welcomed with a very touching a capella song of the singer of the CWC and before the program started, Awura asked us: 'What is your word for 2018?' Write it down and share it with the person next to you. So MUMSTER explained Sivan Breemhaar of the sustainable clothing brand Afriek who sat next to me, the word: 'Give', because what you give is what you get.


It was very interesting how the words focus and choose were a popular word amongst the creatives. Everyone plans to set their priorities better, so they can focus on the right things. 


After this, the three speakers with different backgrounds where ready to inspire. Virginia Yanquilevich, the managing director of the innovative DOPPER, talked about the pollution in our waters and how DOPPER is going to change it. She shared her personal story, about how changing your life and crossing boundaries can make you grow and feel confident in taking bold decisions. 


Willa Stoutenbeek, the founder of Sustainable Communication & Branding Agency W.Green, reminded us of the two different worlds of sustainable and non-sustainable fashion. She told about how she discovered that she couldn't change anything in the development countries herself, but definately could  make a difference in her own city. Her mission is to ditch the gab between non-sustainable and sustainable brands. Willa: 'It is important to zoom out on time, so you can really see if you are still doing the things you want and if these contribute to the bigger picture'. 


Last but not least, Shenin Lebrun, Retail Concept Director of Nike (EMEA), filmmaker ("Alles Voor Elkaar") and freelance business consultant, already grabbed the attention with her very touching story. She became conscious after her father suddenly died. She told us how important it is to enjoy your life, because you never know what can happen. The connection was real when she showed her slide with the sentence: 'What you give is what you get'. In the interview she explained me why. 



After this experience MUMSTER is even more inspired to share all the tricks to become more conscious about yourself and how you can make sure, you live the life you want in the benefit of everyone!


Let me know what you like to say about consciousness in the comments below!




Watch the video of the beautiful event here


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