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AMSTERDAM - On thursday 18 december I was invited to celebrate the opening of the O MY BAG flagstore. Ofcourse I like to celabrate with people that are willing to do things differently and make a real change, so me & my Dirty Harry Bag went to discover the headquarters of this beautiful social and eco-friendly business in Amsterdam. 


O MY BAG has been found by Paulien Wesselink who wanted to do things differently. She had been studying development problems and came up with a solution which suited her passion. She wanted to give trade to little communities and came up with the label O MY BAG. This trade-no-aid-principle is a very good way to not only support the communities in development countries, but even help them grow. So it feels  great to know that with buying an O MY BAG, you are actually helping someone on the other side of the world!


Watch the full video here or go straight to their website


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