Chasing status or getting socially accepted?




MUMSTER MIND - Remember the feeling of not caring about other opinions? Not caring about the way you look or behave amongst others? That must be a long time ago, when you were a kid who saw the world as a playground. Social Media has absolutely changed society. It is a fact that most of us, now find it important to exist in the digital world. The only difference with the real world is that the digital world has been created by statistics and algorithms. This means we are automatically chasing status, some people are aware of this, some people don't. Because we can measure the recognition of others in likes and followers, we forget why we seek for this recognition in the first place. I have been thinking about the way I present myself in the digital world and realised I was creating an image that is a version of the real me. I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing, because we all like to present ourselves in the best way, but I think it is important to reflect on your (digital) behavior sometimes.

The moment you are born, you are your complete self. But from the first seconds, minutes and days on, you will be influenced by your parents and your surroundings. That means you learn to look and listen to others. You are used to follow others without thinking from day 1.

So it isn't strange that when we grow up, we still tend to look at others to learn about what makes us happy. The only problem with that is that we need to look inside to find our answers. We have to try to go back to the day we woke up and ask ourselves the question: Who are we without the influence of our surroundings?


Ofcourse this is not a question to be answered right away, but it is a question you can ask yourself once in a while to reflect on your behaviour. It helps you to find out who you are and what you want without the influence of others. The same goes for fashion. Fashion can be a really great way to show other people who you are. Ofcourse people will get a first impression about who your are, looking to your personal style. That's why it is so important to realise, that you have to become conscious of who you are and what you want first, so you can wear what you want and create your own style. 


I really like you to think about the way you are dressing yourself, the image you want to send to your surroundings. Just ask yourself some questions once in a while. Don't judge yourself, just ask yourself. Don't look for an answer, just wonder.


Why does everyone suddenly walks in vans? Why does everyone suddenly wear 70's glasses, 70's flared pants, flared blouses, Levi's mom jeans, velvet shirts? Why does everyone suddenly wears a French baret? Why do trends come and go so fast?


The answers to these questions are rooted in all different kinds of social developments. But one will always be laying underneath the surface. Our need to belong somewhere, our desire to fit in and to be socially accepted. You can not fulfill this need with buying new clothes or putting make-up on to present a version of yourself to others. You will only be socially accepted if you accept yourself first. If you don't accept yourself the way you are first, how do others supposed to do this then? 


For this reason I wanted to present myself in secondhanded clothes, without make-up.  An attempt to capture the real me to show you don't need new clothes or make up to look and feel good. Life is a paradox. We have to understand the past to grow in the future. When you understand this journey you will learn fast and you will be able to think about the greater things in life.


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