Swapping like it's hot


ROTTERDAM - On wednesday evening 29 November, The coolest clothing swap took place in Rotterdam, initiated by the girls of  The Talking Thread  &  Cure. These women really made an effort to create a whole new shopping experience. It is like going to a restaurant to have a drink and eat some delicious food of  Blije Bietjes , while shopping some new items! It get's even better when you realise that you can make other people happy with the clothes you don't wear anymore and you can get new items for almost free! You just pay €8 euros for a really good night out with foods and drinks and nice people and go home with new fashionable items! It almost sounds too good to be true right?


During my lecture, The positive chain of change, at the Fair Fashion Festival in Utrecht, I met the beautiful ladies of The Talking Thread. I am really grateful for the fact that they actually turned my message into reality, because they invited me to come and talk at their clothing swap in Rotterdam. The chain got real. 


The swap was organised in a really cool place, Zaak. Acht, in Fenix Food Factory in Rotterdam. It had a really industrial but cosy look and feel.The moment you walked into the space you were welcomed with a big smile and glass of cider.

One thing I found really inspiring, is that the ladies of The Talking Thread and Cure also thought about the kind of food they wanted to serve.

The vegan food was provided by Blije Bietjes, a real added value to the whole experience. A room full of people who find it important to not harm animals or the environment and are happy to make some changes in their consuming behaviour. 
Something which really suited the whole idea of bringing the clothes you don't wear anymore and make someone else happy with it! And ofcourse get some new items yourself!


Before the swap began, everyone got a warm welcome by a very strong introduction, were the situation as it is right now in the fashion industry got described briefly but powerful. They told us we can make a positive change together, if we connect. I was happy to join this introduction with the mumster Talk and finished with a challenge: Try to find someone in your own circle to make them more aware and conscious about their consuming behavior in a cool way. If we all do this, we can make a lot of difference! 

ROOS - a real strong person, you should follow here too❤ @roosferrero 


I brought a pair of shoes, I didn't wear for three years. After wearing the shoes three times, I realised that the shoes didn't fit me well and I wanted to make someone else happy with it. So I brought my shoes to the swap and now they found a happy owner! And me?I came home with a new pants, two blouses and two shirts! 

-Shoot coming soon- 


I also got a real cool book for giving the lecture,  spoke to new inspiring people and I feel we will stay connected after tjis swap. It was a great evening which I won't forget, shall I organise a crazy clothing-swap?


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