The most inspiring speech of a British fashion icon


AMSTERDAM – The British fashion icon and activist Katharine Hamnett  has been creating awareness for global issues for more than 30 years through her controversial campaigns. With her famous t-shirts with the iconic slogans, worn by celebrities like George Michael and Naomi Campbell, she also wanted more attention for the bad conditions in the fashion industry. For more than 30 years she has been an advocate for more sustainability in the fashion industry. Therefore she was exactly the right person to inspire the visitors of the Fair Wear Foundation's annual conference.


The Fair Wear Foundation is an organisation which helps brands to improve their supply chains, but they also find it important to spread the word and stimulate the brands to do the same. This conference was the perfect opportunity to get sparkled by the energy of this remarkable woman .The audience immediately got affected by her great sense of humour and the power of Katharine Hamnett. Which they will be needing in their battles, towards a sustainable future. 


‘We need to attack, attack and attack to change the fashion industry'. 


Kathatrine believes that legislation will be the key

to many solutions. We need more legislation from the

government to change the bad conditions in the

fashion industry. There has been some positive

changes, but we need to hurry up. Consumers

and brands need to unite and speak up with their

powerful voice to demand this necessary legislation

in the fashion industry.  

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