Pause Conscious Pop-up #4



AMSTERDAM - In this fast modern life it is necessary to take a break sometimes and give yourself some time to reflect. Time to reflect on the choices you make. We try to live our lives to the fullest, but find it hard to be really present. This can go two directions. When you think too much about making a decision you will end up making none. On the other hand, when you don't take anytime to think, you will make decisions for the shorter period of time, while you don't think about the consequences for the longer period of time. That's why Pause conscious pop-up is such a great place to take great decisions. 


Pause conscious pop-up is an international collective of conscious creatives. The movement took a Pause from 18 till 22 October at the Posthoornkerk in Amsterdam. A beautiful place where you can really feel the relaxing vibe coming your way the moment you walk in. You will be overwhelmed by the number of beautiful conscious brands, proving conscious fashion is everywhere. During the days, you could walk in and look at the beautiful international brands, showing their designs together with artists. You could also join a workshop, Sensorial Studies for Clothing and Bodies. It was an experimental approach to clothing design ideas and processes that intends to explore the relationships between our bodies and garments. During the workshop you could do some physical and meditative exercises aiming to connect with ourselves and with others. Experimenting with materials through different sensorial and design exercises and enjoying the process without caring about a final result but paying attention to the ideas that emerge from that process. 


The conscious weekend was introduced by a women who you can call a real expert. Nowadays young influencers, including myself, do know a lot and like to call themselves an expert, but they are not as experienced as Marieke eyskoot. She has been sharing her knowledge from day one and spread the word since, in many different successful ways. Her recently published book 'Dit is een goede gids', is a real guide to a more conscious destination, with all the directions you"ll need if you want to become more conscious. 


She opened a night full of press, with the most relaxing talk. She really made you feel part of the space and made you connect with the peace inside of you. After she introduced the lovely initiators, Rominia and Letiticia, she interviewed one of the designers, Sanne Muiser. She has done many succesful projects, like Heterdraad and For Play. On stage you could see and feel some of her remarkable items while she told Marieke Eyskoot about her fascination for the skin and how that influences her work.  




'Our skin is an amazing organ. It is covered with more than five million nerve ends, or tactile corpuscles, that react to every sensation: warmth, cold, touch, tingling, tickling, and pain. We are built to touch and be touched. This haptic need is a subject that fascinates me, it inspired to create a ‘second skin’ of highly tactile fashion and interior fabrics reminiscent of fur. By needle-punching natural materials such as wool and sisal into a man-made latex base, two opposing worlds − and our associations with each – gently collide and become one.'


We also spoke with Roosmarie Ruigrok from Maggezien. She and two other creatives came up with a new concept. They want to create the first international Art Bible with all the conscious brands to share their story and to make more people aware of their existence. 




When everyone cleared the stage for the young and talented musician Stephanie Sibbald, you could hear a pin drop. The music really build up a exciting energy and everybody was waiting for the fashion show to start. You could really see the artistic and international character of the show, it was a really strong performance that promised a lot to come for the conscious Pop-Up weekend. 


If you are curious how the weekend went, click here to see the video <3 

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