Fair Fashion Festival




For the fifth time the Fair Fashion Festival in Utrecht took place at several locations with a full program and a lot of change makers. This is the place where you want to go if you are looking for people with a heart, who dare to follow their passion to a better environment for everyone. The day started with a haute couture show with one of the designers Monique Qollignon, who we also saw at the Dutch Sustainable Fashionweek. We spoke with a lot different people who all are on the same mission. Suzanne Smulders told us why the Lena Fashion Library is the solution to the mass production and consumption problem. After our conversation, during my lecture, I explained which groups have an influence in the fashion industry and what the role of the consumer is and what they can do to start the positive chain of change. One of the main thoughts during the lecture, was the lack of communication and transparancy of the brands to the consumers. So if the consumers are interested to make a change, they need to know more.


During the day I visited the workshop of Doris & Inez who are trying to resolve the problem of consumers throwing their clothing away instead of creating new things. This time they showed how you can make a cute carpet from old clothes. During the workshop Indiaan in de kast, you learned what you can do with the items you already have in your closet and find a purpose for the things you don't use anymore! Waga Bana also gave a lecture at the festival. Lili Rengifo founder of Wana Bana Design is a Netherlands based Columbian social entrepreneur. She moved to the Netherlands In 2006 with the purpose to improve labour conditions and reduce material waste in Dutch factories as a Continuous Improvement consultant. With a mission to empower people to help them to improve their own environment. In 2013 she decided to do what she loves and started her own social entrepreneurship Wana Bana. Wana Bana Design focuses on empowering single mothers so they can work at home and take care of the children as they do it in Columbia. Wana Bana supports Colombian Designers that employees single mothers under fair labour conditions. They follow the 10 Fair Trade Principles from World Fair Trade Organisation. 


Despite of the rain, the market was a real pleasure to visit. The conscious entrepeneurs like Studio Jux, ZAZU Amsterdam, Hooked, Sophie Stone and Anna Treurtniet, where happy to share their story. Like ZAZU told us about their dear club of lovely knitting women in Peru. Hooked told us that we need to forget about the lame image there is about sustainable fashion, because they are the proof of being an awesome conscious brand. Sophie is doing really good since she started her conscious webshop, so she feels there really is a need for conscious fashion. And if you want to meet an expert in experimenting with the most incredible materials, you should really keep an eye on Anna Treurtniet! And if that isn't good enough for you, Studio Jux is ready to take there conscious entrepreunership to the next level with their project in collaboration with Terre des Hommes Netherlands. They give young people, with a poor chance on a future, a chance to become a tailor and build a better future. So Studio Jux can really can use all the support of people bying their sustainable items. 


During the expert meeting in the end of the day, a lot of experts in the sustainable fashion came together to discuss the trending topics in the (sustainable) fashion industry right now. One of the most important things discussed during the expert meeting, but also amongst festival visitors and all other contributors of the festival, is the relation between the consumer and the producer. We as consumers need to become more aware of our influence and use it to buy ourselves a better future.


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