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As a child, Natasha Yianni, Sole Director, Designer & Manager Of Sustainable Clothing Brand WOVENSUN, spent most of her time in her Mothers Fabric & Craft shop, which was situated in a small beach town in Australia: 'My mother showed me how to sew and would often help me find ways to make the most tedious of crafting concepts come to life, you see my father also quite the artist of the family, I was always inspired by his oil paintings, & chalk drawings, I learnt to draw when I was very little person (: my drawings were pretty detailed and as you can imagine well so were my craft ideas. I was always in and out of Fashion Design School and then went into Fashion Retail, I later Merchandised & Managed for a volume clothing company, I learnt so much about Fashion and retail, being a volume company though also made me realise I wanted to do better for the environment, the people and spend my days working towards something that is good and that I believe and make a difference.'


Sustainability is the only way for a future, the world, environment and people depend on it.'


She soon realised that you can make a difference with every step you take. You can make even more of an effort and difference each day even in the smallest of tasks and chores. Every bit counts. She does think it is challenging because of the costs and accessibility, but it certainly didn't hold her back. 


She tries keeping it real, reclaiming, recycling, upcycling fabrics as not to waist and any fabrics bought are sourced from fairly traded and eco sustainable conscious crops, mostly bamboo/organic cottons. The very unique garments are hand stitched, most of the time by herself.


Her dream is that the fight becomes a thing of the past and sustainability will be  the only avenue for all industries.


Check out how the collaboration with Wovensun looks like here.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Photo - Florine Nijntjes








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