True Fashion Talk - Power to the consumer



Conscious fashion has been a trend for a while now and it seems like more and more consumers are getting affected with this trend too. This is just a small group of consumers in relation to the total amount of consumers, most of the people aren't so much aware of their consuming behaviour or not so aware of the developments in sustainable fashion. You see that almost everyone who has interest in conscious fashion, works in th sustainable fashion industry too. This leaves a very small number of people that wants to change as a consumer. Therefore the initiative of the True Fashion Collective has a perfect timing. With their True Fashion Talks they are triggering the conversation. With the True Fashion Talk: Power to the consumer, they really gave a voice to such an important group toward change, the consumer. During this talk they really had the chance to speak up and share their challenges and questions. After this event there is more information available to crack the code of real change. YAY!



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