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Because we at MUMSTER are so serious about inspiring you to become more conscious it is also very important to make you realise to enjoy it! The moment you pick items that everyone enjoyed making, you can really shine. Marieke Wilgenhof is one of those women who gives you the opportunity ro really enjoy your favourite items. She is the founder and designer of the sustainable jewellery By Biek.


By BIEK has a beautiful collection of handmade jewellery. Designed and manufactured at the studio in Laren GLD the Netherlands.The shapes are created by raw hammer finish, You’ll immediately recognize the unique style, raw, tough and not so polished. In the design and production of the jewellery, respect for the environment is the starting point. The materials used begin their second life. Everything ‘BIEK’ makes is handcrafted out of recycled material, each piece is unique and has its own story. For example, your fancy earstuds may be made of an old water pipe, and the piece of leather may be of an old bag. A piece does not have to be perfect, creating space for spontaneous creation and every piece of jewelry is unique, made by BIEK. Because hey, nobody is perfect, but everyone is unique! "


A few years ago they renovated their house. They had to deal with a lot of waste including some old copper . Marieke saw all that waste and did not want it to end on the landfill.That’s when she started recycling these raw materials. With her love for jewellery and a goldsmith's education, the jewellery brand By BIEK was soon born. Sustainability is paramount so she wanted to implement this in every step they put in their company so that they could make the world a bit more beautiful.


'We must realize that the raw materials of our planet become scarce. This includes doing what we can to help create a world where we take better care of the environment, the earth’s resources, and each other. I have two children and I want them to enjoy this beautiful earth as well, and I also teach them how they can contribute to a sustainable lifestyle.' My parents have given me good standards and values. This was the fundament. As I went to live on myself, I saw the amount of waste we had. As a result, I went shopping more consciously. I also like to shop for second-hand stores and repair broken items. During the renovation of our house we came in contact with good energy-saving findings. such as LED lighting, water saving systems and insulation and many more.                                                                 Photo - Florine Nijntjes // Earcuff - By Biek


For the conscumer to make a change it is the challenge is to get the right information. Then you’ll learn how easy it is to make the right decisions. You soon realise that with every small step you take, like giving clothes away you don't wear anymore and start buying more conscious, you as an individual can have a huge impact.


With our jewellery brand, I want to show people that sustainability is not boring. And that Sustainability  is without prejudice to  beauty!

The most important thing in life is doing what you love and I am fortunate to do that. By BIEK began out of my passion and it still is. I hope I can continue doing this for a long time. With my jewellery I hope women will feel confident and feel more beautiful. I also hope to inspire people through our sustainable entrepreneurship. And become the biggest jewellery brand in the Netherlands of course ;)


Because we both believe in finding and sharing information willl be one of the tools to really make change. Marieke was the sponsor of the Green Office Lecture and rewarded the winner of the experiment with a beautiful set of rings! Emma has won the beautiful pair of rings and is now our Changemaker of the week, where you can read all about if you click on it!


Check out the photoshoot here.





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