Changemaker of the week - Connecting is essential to change


Because we all live in a so-called filter bubble, it is really hard to get a complete image of certain developments in society and hear about other points of view. That's why it is so important to find the right people and places to get and share information. One of those right places with the right people is the Green Office at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. This initiative really understands how important it is to share knowledge about sustainability with their students. MUMSTER was honoured to share knowledge about conscious fashion with the students and more important wanted to inspire them to become more aware of the impact they can make as an individual. What would they like to do to make a change themselves? Ofcourse you can make a big difference by changing your consuming behaviour, but since we were at the University of Amsterdam, MUMSTER wanted to take it a little bit further and see who was up for the challenge. Who was brave enough to stand up? The students who were brave enough to share their ambitions, so they could inspire and motivate others to do the same, got rewarded thanks to our dear conscious partners Lena Library, Take it slow and By Biek jewellery. One of those winners, Emma de Haan, came up with a really innovative vision on creating a better future for all of us. For having and sharing this bright vision we want to make her the changemaker of the week


Emma de Haan is a student business economics and wants to educate younger people about sustainability. She wants to discover all kinds of disciplines like psychology, economics and environmental management and combine these to really create an interconnectedness, what we really need at this point to innovate and make a change. 


Congratulations Emma! We hope that more students will be inspired by your ambitions! Please let us know what your plans are to contribute in a comment!


Watch video with Emma here!

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