Burn out? Let's take it slow


Photo - Telma Geirs


You may recognise the feeling of constant pressure in the fast society we live in nowadays. The number of burn-outs have never been so high. Some researchers and trendwatchers say it is in relationship with the image you want to represent on social media. I personally feel like I always have to feel good, look good, work hard, play hard and do it as fast as I can and capture it in the most perfect way to share it with the world. Ofcourse this is because I like to live up to high standards myself too and I tend to compare myself with others.  But when I really look at it, the best ideas come to me when I stop running and start breathing and focus on what I really want. I become confident and happy with my own journey.That's why I think Laura Snijder, the founder of the webshop Take it Slow, is a real visionair. Take it slow is more than just a webshop. It is a reflection of what society needs. Laura discovered the thing we all look for, time. Her message? Take your time to discover your style and pick high quality items you can wear and love for years. Which garments are worth it to spend your time, money and energy on? Fast Fashion will go faster, so you and your money will too, if you not take control yourself. 


Laura Snijder, who just turned 24, decided to start her own business after graduating Fashion Textile Technologies. She wanted to contribute in her own way and came up with Take it slow. A place where you can find the most beautiful and high quality items you can keep in your wardobe for years and where you can follow her blog with everything you need to know about sustainability. I wanted to discover her story and more important, share her story with you. Together we produced a short documentary in 3 parts towards her official launch of the webshop and film on 1 September. You can follow the story and start with part 1 on the MUMSTER Facebookpage here. Part 2 will be published friday the 18th! 


Laura and ofcourse many others opened my eyes. I can say I didn't buy a new garment for a year now and I feel so enlightened. Ofcourse I do want to buy stuff when I don't feel good. But then I think about what I can do to feel better instead of buying to feel better. I can say it is saving me a lot of money while I am developing myself and my work at the same time. With minimalizing my life I am becoming a richer person in many different ways. Now the time has come that I do want to buy something new at the right place with Take It Slow. See how that feels and looks like here. 


Or go to www.takeitslowfashion.nl








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