Throw your stuff away or create a new memory?



We are living in a period of time where we are so used to throw stuff away. We have been throwing away 4 times more as we did 60 years ago. It is actually a really weird idea that we are used to throw stuff away which we have created so many precious memories with. We throw our bags away, while they have been travelling with us everywhere. Or your couch, while you have experienced so many moments on it. Your couch, your bag, your wallet and all the other beautiful things are your memories. That's why the people of Bijpriester think it is very important to give these thrown away memories a second chance. They use the leather of your damaged couch to create something new. Now, it gets even better, because they give you the opportunity to do the same. To see and feel for yourself how great it is to create something new out of carbage. They organise workshops to give you an introduction of working with leather, so you can experience it for yourself. So ofcourse MUMSTER had to capture this. During this workshop you could make your own clutch. It was so good to see how all these women with almost no experience were so focussed to create something they would really use. You could hear a pin drop and they barely drink or eat something, they were totally in the zone. Every woman created her own clutch in a real different style out of the same pieces of leather! Nick of Bijpriester told them to just do it, he didn't explain so much, they were free to go and it worked really well. They could ask anything anytime, really nice vibes! Nick thinks it is important to share knowledge and spread the conscious word. They are happy if just one person has become a litlle bit more conscious after the workshop and pays it forward to next person. Well it seems like their plan is working, because every workshop there is at least one participant that wants to come back. In this way they will build a community of people that give thrown away memories a second chance. 



Watch the video of the workshop here.

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