Sitting behind your desk or getting your hands dirty?





Annemieke Koster, founder of Enschede Textielstad, was tired of sitting behind her marketeer desk, doing research all day. She has been interested in sustainable fashion for years now and did a lot of research about this subject. One thing she found was the fact that almost everyone focusses on the last steps in the clothing production process. You can read all about the garment manufacturing process and what can be done better, but steps like knitting and dyeing, seem not that popular at all while they are so important. Annemieke wanted to know more of these steps in the very beginning of the production process. Starting at the beginning, does make more sense right?


Annemieke had a strong opinion about the ways things were going in the fashion industry and wasn't afraid to speak up.. After the collapse of Rhana Plaza, she just knew things had to change. She wanted to stop talking about how things should be done better, she wanted to start doing the things better.


When Annemieke moved to Enschede, she discovered the history of this textile city. lAlmost all the buildings smelled and looked like the textile companies they used to be, unfortunately abandoned. She thought it was such a waste to leave this rich history behind and with the collapse of Rhana Plaza, all pieces came together. She wanted to bring the textile back to where it came from and start her own textile factory, to make a change herself. A women who didn't know anything about weaving who hadn't been in a factory before, now wanted to start her own factory.


So she began her search and visited a local museum where she met some people that worked in the textile industry of Enschede. They told her everything she needed to know and learnt her the basics of weaving. Annemieke continued her search with travelling to all places in the country and drank coffee with all the people relevant in the textile industry. Now, a lot of coffees later, she is standing behind her very own weaving machines, getting her hands dirty. Almost every day she is experimenting with finding new sustainable fabrics of the best quality, just because she loves it. Actually, she has become an addict of experimenting with fabrics and standing behind her machines.


Annemieke is a woman on a mission. Making sustainable yarns available for everyone who can’t find it here right now. With Annemieke you are involved with the process. You will develop fabrics that completely suit your idea. A fabric that will be the base of your garments that will sustain for the longer period of time. Annemieke already has some great clients, but she will not stop before everyone can find their sustainable fabric at the place where it all began, Enschede Textielstad.


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