Awearness Fashion Café 2017 - The place to become aware


The Awearness Café is a place where people working in the sustainable fashion industry come together to talk about the developments in this industry right now. This place is perfect for you if you want to become more aware. The initiators Jeannette Ooink and Wilma Mulder make sure you get all the information you need with speakers, entrepreneurs and everyone that is relevant and important in this industry right now.


This time they invited Roosmarie Ruigrok, a supplychain manager and a very known figure in the sustainable fashion industry in the Netherlands. She is the founder of Clean & Unique, which started as a platform to fast forward slow fashion and now she helps other businesses with the biggest challenge there is, produce sustainable and be transparant. She has been all over the world to visit factories and workers for more than 10 years now, so if anyone can tell you something about fair production, it's Roosmarie. She has even organised a big talkshow in Pakhuis de Zwijger to invite everyone to give an ode to etical fashion. An interesting talkshow you can watch here




Check out more at


An innovative and very modern brand Studio Mulder, designs fair bags. This brand has a whole refreshing idea about sustainability like we know it now. They think it is more important to focus on the design and the price and than the story will be an extra. Ofcourse the story is important, but if you really want to reach the consumer it needs to look good and have a reasonable price.



You can find more about Studio Mulder at



Another interesting speaker was the founcer of the sustainable jewellery label 'Ways of change', Cara Boccieri. This women and her message travelled really fast. Floortje Dessing was the first one to discover this amazing women in her show Floortje naar het einde van de wereld. She discovered the amazing story and message of Cara. Her misshion is to create a space where people can connect and create unique products together, combining modern and traditional ways. She is well on her way of building her own community of creators sharing the same values. Something which is really rare these days. 




You can find more about 'Ways of Change' at


So if you want to know more about sustainability to make a change in your lifestyle, you should really come to the next Awearness Café or check out






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