H&M aims to use 100% organic cotton for 2020


Yes ladies and Gentlemen. You are reading this correctly. H&M is pushing forward in both sustainability and style with their new H&M Conscious Collection. You won't believe what kind of special material they used for this incredible designs. They used a sustainable material called BIONIC. It's a recycled polyester made from plastic shoreline waste. I think this is absolutely amazing and a big step towards a conscious and stylish future, which you can see in the picture below. You can tell the model Natalia Vodianova is wearing this piece with pride. Finally they are getting it right. I understand the people who say they can't really find sustainable brands with great designs. They are willing to buy sustainable if it looks great. Well. Here you go. 



In addition to a full collection for women and relaxed formal wear for men, the collection will for the first time include kids’ pieces, as well as a Conscious Exclusive fragrance made from organic oils. The collection will be available in around 160 stores worldwide, and online, from April 20.

 The team really wanted to show the possibilities of using sustainable materials. You can say H&M is really working towards a more sustainable fashion future. Across all of H&M's product ranges, 20% are now made from more sustainable materials!  H&M is one of the world’s biggest users of recycled polyester and one of the biggest buyers of organic cotton. The goal for cotton is that it is to be 100% sustainably sourced by 2020. It is part of H&M’s ambition to make sustainable, good-quality fashion accessible to as many people as possible. 


I am really happy about the developments H&M is making. I do think there is a long way to go before my dream towards a 100% sustainable H&M becomes reality. Until that that time...just think before you buy something please..













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